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Welcome to the Grand Fur Lodge!

       At our facility, we provide a nurturing and secure environment where your beloved furry companions can relax, play, and socialize to their hearts' content. With trained staff and tailored programs, base on dog psychology, we ensure your dogs receive the utmost care and attention, giving you peace of mind while you're away

Happy Doggys At Daycare

At our doggie daycare, your furry friend will have the time of their life playing, running, jumping, and fetching. Our experienced staff will engage and tire out even the most energetic dogs with a variety of toys and stimulating activities. With yards of varying sizes, we are equipped to meet the needs of all dogs, big or small, shy or energetic!

Rest assured, we have everything covered to ensure your dog has a fun and comfortable day with us.

A daycare evaluation is required before new dogs are added to the daycare and boarding groups. This is a 4 hour temperament test with our trainers and ambassador dogs to help evaluate your dog's temperament.


To ensure your dog has a spot at our daycare, we kindly request you reserve a spot at least 2 days prior to your desired date.

Some of our Boarding Pups in our yard

Going on a trip? Undergoing home renovations? Relax, your furry friend is in safe hands. Our boarding dogs receive top-notch care from our resident owners Elizabeth and Adam, who live on site and provide an extra late night outing at no additional cost. They'll also have the chance to play with other dogs during the daycare hours. We offer a retreat-like experience, not just a kennel or dog hotel. Upgrade their stay by adding grooming, training, or some extra one-on-one time. Optional services include photos, videos and snacks.

Daycare Hours

Monday - Friday 6am to 6pm

Saturday + Sunday 8am to 5pm


Half Day (5 hours) - $15
Full Day - 

Daycare Packages Available!

House Lunch - $2

Daycare and Boarding Evals are $45 per dog (two dogs max per appointment)

Playtime in the yard

Boarding Prices
Per Night -
1st dog - $42

Any additional dogs - $37
Special Needs - $50 
Pick up after 11
am  $15 daycare fee
House food - $2 per meal

Your dog will enjoy a comfortable stay with us, sleeping in our provided beds and blankets, constant access to fresh water and plenty of playtime. Our goal is to give them as much interaction, exercise, and enrichment as possible. So, take a break and let us take care of your furry friend.

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