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Group Training

Jump right into getting hands on with your dog, With this unique experience as we walk you though the basics of dog behavior. Understand where you are missing teaching moments and where you may be over correcting your dog. This is not just a class where we help you teach your dog how to sit. We tell you why it's important and what you and your dog are getting from it. Where to stand, How to move your hands, What kind of teaching strategy works best for your dog and so much more! Reduce the human to dog learning curve and learn how to speak dog!

4 week course starting every Sunday each month. Slip lead provided and high value treats and toys available in reception. First come first serve. 10 students per course (filling fast)

Training Services

     Whether you seek to enhance your bond, address behavioral concerns, or explore the world of dog behavior. Our head trainer, Adam, and his team will help guide you to see the world as your dog perceives it. By unraveling communication barriers, gaining understanding into your dog's body language, and enhancing your bond with your best friend, We will embark on a journey together. Learn how to speak dog and what makes them tick. Take the first step towards this life-changing adventure by contacting us today to learn more about our programs 

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