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May Group Training

Jump right into getting hands on with your dog, With this unique experience as we walk you though the basics of dog behavior. Understand where you are missing teaching moments and where you may be over correcting your dog. This is not just a class where we help you teach your dog how to sit. We tell you why it's important and what you and your dog are getting from it. Where to stand, How to move your hands, What kind of teaching strategy works best for your dog, and so much more! Reduce the human to dog learning curve and learn how to speak dog!

4 week course starting every Sunday May 5th. Slip lead provided and high value treats and toys available in reception. First come first serve. 10 students per course (filling fast)

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 Welcome to Grand Fur Lodge, where we embrace the unique essence of every canine companion! We take great pride in our unwavering dedication to working harmoniously with a dog's nature, creating a safe and loving environment that feels just like home. Our team of highly trained staff is passionate about providing exceptional care and attention to every furry guest that enters our facility. From expert grooming and top-notch boarding services to engaging daycare and effective training programs, we offer a comprehensive range of services to cater to all your dog's needs. Join us at Grand Fur Lodge, where tails wag, activities are enriching, and four-legged friends thrive in a haven designed exclusively for them.

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